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Massive thanks to everyone’s ongoing support & positive messages, I really can’t express how wonderful this is & how much this means to me & my family. My treatment has been constantly on schedule this last 2 months, which has been great, allowing me to make future plans & stick to them. As many of you know I love snowboarding, so we’ve been able to plan a couple weekend snow trips with the family. Plus Australia is enjoying the best snow season in 14 years, so let me just say it’s been awesome.

Now my treatment has been on schedule, time has flown by & I’ve just had my next lot of follow up scans, which was a bit of a mixed bag with my results, but none of the tumors have grown, so that’s great.

Two tumors had no reduction, most shrunk around 10 to 30%, & 1 shrunk 50%, which is also great. However now my oncologist is recommending to reduce chemo or have a break, because he thinks it has not been as effective as last time & his getting concerned that the side effects might out way any benefits. While many debate the benefits of chemo, I personally think chemo is working for me, so it feels like he wants to takeaway one of the tools that’s been so successful in reducing my tumors, which honestly feels a bit daunting. However considering I’m still getting some shrinkage, plus he said I’m doing a lot better than his other patients, so I’ve decided to continue for another 2 months & we’ll see what the next scans say? Fingers crossed all goes well.

I also got my MoST Trial Genetics test results, which show my tumors have the BRCA gene mutation, the same BRCA gene mutation as Angelina Jolie (could this be our one degree of separation, lol). However I’m a firm believer in Epigenetics (Diet & Lifestyle factors controlling gene expression) so although my genes are pre-disposed to Cancer, I personally think that my past (pre PrimalKind) bad diet & lifestyle have contributed to my current situation, & I also believe that my new diet & lifestyle can help me beat Cancer!

Now I’m going to go all out with everything, a strict keto diet, time restricted eating, 2 meals a day, exercise daily, all recommended supplements, alternative treatments, & see if I can beat this for good. I’ve met some amazing people this year & I’ve been taking advice whenever offered. I’ve put together my Metro Map (massive thanks to Jane McLelland’s book, How to Starve Cancer, in my opinion the best integrative approach to beating Cancer). Plus I’ve got an amazing support network of family, friends, & all my PrimalKind supporters, which is absolutely wonderful & encouraging me to beat this.

I’ll post another update when I have more info, however please feel free to ask me anything.

PS: while my choices are clearly working for my Cancer treatment, it doesn’t mean that they will work for others. I really encourage anyone dealing with Cancer to get involved with their treatment. I know it’s a big learning curve, & I know there’s a lot of questionable recommendations out-there, however you might find something that will work for you. Keep an open mind, listen very carefully to what others are recommending, & what they’re not actually saying, then research it & if you can, find a qualified Oncologist that you trust & that is willing to talk openly about all the alternative options you’re interested in.

Live Positive, Be Kind, & Enjoy all that life has to offer!
Cheers, Jason.


I really want to say a massive thank you to everyone that’s emailed me lately, I really appreciate all your positive messages & appreciate the follow up questions on my progress. I’ve been doing a lot since my last update, including taking a brief family holiday (which was wonderful to just have some family time & escape all my thoughts), I’ve been focusing more on my exercise programs, watching more documentaries, interviews, podcasts, reading more books, studies, joining several groups, connecting with other patients, finding out what others are doing, what’s working for them, & sharing my findings in hope to help others dealing with Cancer.

I also have some more exciting news to share. I had my second follow up scans recently & my tumors have shrunk around 30% (from my last scan). Most of my tumors are now 50% smaller or more, from my initial scan at the beginning of this year. I was actually getting a little concerned that I wouldn’t beat my first 20% reduction, because my treatments had been delayed a lot (due to low bloods) & because I hadn’t been as strict with my diet (especially when on holidays), but this didn’t seem to impact my results. 30% is such an amazing result (I really can’t express this enough) & we’re all excited that this is potentially changing my overall prognosis, to hopefully having a positive outcome. This is what I’ve been working towards & it’s now great to hear the conversations changing with my doctors.
Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Now I can’t prove it, but it’s highly unlikely that following the same (Chemo & Keto) protocol would yield a greater reduction in my tumors, however I personally think the additional changes I’ve made to my protocol have helped increase my reductions this time. Therefore I would like to share the following list of what I’ve changed in my protocol, from my last update.

1. I started on the COC Protocol, I found a local integrative GP who was willing to help prescribe it (in conjunction with the COC team) & now my Oncologist has finally agreed to prescribe it too. It took me around 1 week to adapt to the Metformin, as it initially made me feel nauseous, but then it settled & I’ve been fine since. The team at COC have also been great, answering all my questions & providing some great feedback.

2. I have also added EGCG (Green Tea Extract) to my Protocol, I found Dr Tomas Seyfried used EGCG in a recent Press-Pulse Protocol cancer study for inhibiting glutamine (another cancer fuel source). So I started taking EGCG at the same time I started the COC Protocol.

3. I’ve increased my exercise routines, there’s actually been several studies released recently showing the benefits of doing exercise directly after chemo & doing exercise between treatments (especially resistance training) & it’s been helping keep my treatments on schedule. However some people are recommending to reduce prolonged aerobic exercise, because it can elevate lactic acid levels & lactic acid gets converted into glucose through the liver (aka Cori cycle), so I’ve reduced my running to once or twice a week & keeping my runs short.

4. I’ve increased my fasting to 48 hours, being 24 hours before chemo & 24 hours after my chemo starts (Fasting after chemo is hard, but I’m managing so far) & the studies suggest fasting 48 hours can help provide an ideal level of immunity support. I also make sure I get my pre-chemo blood tests done before I start fasting, because I think this might have been impacting my Neutrophil levels.

5. I had a quick Skype meeting with Dr Dawn Lemanne (an Integrative Oncologist in the US). Dawn has presented at Low Carb Down Under & is a big advocate for utilising Keto & Fasting to fight Cancer. It was great for me to talk with a qualified Oncologist who understands & supports my protocol. Dawn also shared several insights & studies that I could implement to help improve my protocol. Here’s a great YouTube presentation with Dawn.

6. I found Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer Facebook page & have been following it for a while now, this is a great Facebook group, posting links to lots of clinical studies, & talking about a lot of different alternative therapies. Now Jane has just released a book How to Starve Cancer about her own Cancer story. I’m only about half way through the book so far, but this is definitely one of the best books I’ve read & I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with cancer.

7. I’ve recently started feeling a numbness in my fingers & toes (Peripheral Neuropathy) a known side effect from the chemo they’re giving me. There is a study suggesting Lions Mane Mushroom could help, so I’ve just started experimenting & I feel like it’s providing some temporary relief. A friend of mine also shared a study that shows NAD+ might also help. So I’m thinking of trying NAD+, once I’ve established a suitable dosage level of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

I think that’s about it for now, however please feel free to ask me anything.

PS: I have no affiliation with any of the people, websites, or products mentioned in this blog, I found them through my own studies & believe they can help my situation, & I hope by sharing this info, that it might be able to help others.

PSS: while my choices are clearly working for my Cancer treatment, it doesn’t mean that they will work for others. I really encourage anyone dealing with Cancer to get involved with their treatment. I know it’s a big learning curve, & I know there’s a lot of questionable recommendations out-there, however you might find something that will work for you. Keep an open mind, listen very carefully to what others are recommending, & what they’re not actually saying, then research it & if you can, find a qualified Oncologist that you trust & that is willing to talk openly about all the alternative options you’re interested in.

I’d really like to thank everyone for their continued support & overwhelming kindness, this is definitely helping me stay positive & helping me throughout my treatment. I will continue to keep you all updated on my progress & let you know once we plan to re-open PrimalKind.

Cheers, Jason.


I had some fantastic news this week, my doctors were finally able to schedule my first lot of follow-up scans (after several delayed chemo treatments, because my blood levels were to low & this made me feel like it was never going to happen), but I finally had my scans & I got my results this week.
My cancer has shrunk!!! Some tumors more than others, but they have all shrunk & this is an amazing result, especially considering the terrible prognosis my doctors have given me. I am super happy to finally get some positive results & we’ve been celebrating all week.

While this is fantastic news (I really can’t express this enough), it’s clear I still have a long way to go, so I’ve now decided to step up my efforts & start adding more ammunition to my cancer fighting protocol. I’m currently following a cyclic keto diet & fasting a minimum of 14 hours prior to getting chemo, then I get a pretty heavy dose of 3 chemo drugs (Irinotecan, Oxaliplatin, & Fluorouracil) which takes around 50 consecutive hours. During the 50 hours I allow myself to have a little more carbs, then I go back to a strict keto diet.
This protocol is obviously working for me & it’s definitely helped shrink my cancer, but at this rate it will take me over a year to be cancer free (if everything stays consistent?), so I’ve been looking into what else I can do to help improve my outcome.

Unfortunately, my Oncologist has been very dismissive of all the alternate therapies I’ve been asking about, Metformin, etc, despite all the studies & evidence showing their potential, & he still refuses to believe my keto diet has been beneficial to my treatment.
I personally would expect doctors dealing with patients on death row (sorry I know this sounds extreme) but as someone who’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer & only given a short time to live (3 years), I would expect my doctor to be a bit more open to even discussing the possibilities of alternate therapies, but unfortunately my Oncologist won’t even consider the options.

I guess this is why so many cancer patients start taking treatment into their own hands & start doing things behind their doctors back, which is not good for anyone! You’ve got patients reading all kinds of bias information on the internet & essentially risking their own lives, when they have qualified doctors who could be helping these patients test the treatments more safely & then use any beneficial treatments to help other patients, but it seems most doctors are more afraid of risking their own careers than actually helping patients, so they just prescribe the “Standard of Care” treatments, which we all know has a very low survival rate. Or as my Oncologist likes to keep telling me “this is not a cure, we’re just trying to prolong your life as much as possible”, there is so many things wrong with this, but my goal is to get rid of the cancer, so I’m going to do everything I can do to survive.

Considering this, I’ve now reached out to the Care Oncology Clinic (COC), who actually utilise off-label medications, like Metformin, etc, to help patients fight cancer (in conjunction with chemo, radiation, etc). Their protocol is based on lots of scientific research & they’ve shown lots of fantastic results & stories of patients beating cancer. My plan is to start following the COC protocol together with my cyclic keto diet & fasting, in conjunction with my chemo treatment. I will follow this until I get my next lot of scans done in around 3 months, then I can measure its success against my previous scans, to see if its providing any additional benefit (aka shrinking my cancer more than last time). Considering the low-cost, low-risk & low-toxicity of the COC protocol, & the potential rewards, then I think it’s definitely worth it for me to at least try it. I figure at worst it will do nothing, but it has the potential to help my treatment, & that’s a pretty safe risk I’m willing to take. (PS: I have no affiliation with the COC, I found them through my own studies & believe they can help my situation, but I hope by sharing this info, it might be able to help others).

I’d really like to thank everyone for their continued support & overwhelming kindness, this is definitely helping me stay positive & helping me throughout my treatment. I will continue to keep you all updated on my progress & let you know once we plan to re-open PrimalKind.

Cheers, Jason.


I truly have to thank everyone for their support & understanding through this whole process. I swear I have the best customers, I’ve received so many wonderful messages & this has really meant a lot to me & my family.

It’s now been around a month from my original post, so I wanted to give everyone a brief update on my progress so far.

I’m currently having chemo fortnightly, & I just had my 3rd dose of chemo yesterday. I will have a total of 5 rounds of chemo in my first treatment schedule, then they will organise a CT Scan to see how well the treatment is working & decide if my treatment will need to continue or if they’ll need to change it to something else, but fingers crossed it all goes well.

I feel like I’ve been quite lucky with my chemo so far, sure I’m tired after treatment & although I initially lost a lot of weight, I’ve now been able to maintain a healthy weight, I haven’t been very sick or had any other severe side effects to date, touch wood! I had some cold sensitivity the first week after treatment, so I need to wear gloves when touching cold stuff & my hair has started falling out this last week (which was expected considering the cocktail of drugs they’re giving me) so I decided to cut all my hair off yesterday ): but it’s supposed to grow back healthier afterwards, so that’s at least something to look forward to.

I’ve been following my own cyclic keto diet during treatment, despite my Oncologist’s disapproval & his lack of understanding of the keto diet, but to be fair he just wants to make sure I have enough energy to go through chemo. However after we discussed the facts & the large body of scientific evidence that shows how cancer cells thrive on glucose, he did say it was ultimately up to me. My diet has been going well so far, I will allow myself to have a little extra carbs on the 2 days after treatment (with the theory that the extra glucose could help feed the chemo drugs to the cancer cells), then I switch back to my whole food keto diet (with extra protein, because my body needs additional protein for recovery). I then do a 14 to 24 hour fast prior to getting chemo (with the theory that this could help lower my glucose levels & put extra stress on the cancer cells & make the cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo). My chemo cocktail is also given together with a glucose drip, so I figure this extra glucose could also help feed the chemo drugs to the cancer cells, especially considering I’ve fasted prior to treatment & the cancer cells are probably starving & looking for as much glucose as they can find, well that’s my theory anyways.

I have based my diet on Dr. Otto Warburgs Metabolic Theory of Cancer, the studies from Peter L Pedersen, Young Hee Ko, Thomas Seyfried, Dominic D’Agostino, etc, & several other clinical studies, here are some links for anyone interested in learning more. I’ve also been trying to compile my own Keto Cancer notes, so please let me know if you’d like any further info.
Otto Warburg:
Peter Pederson & Young Ko:
Thomas Seyfried:
Dominic D’Agostino:
Keto Oncology Nutrition:
Metabolic Cancer Treatment Study, Podcast:
Metabolic Cancer Treatment Study, Transcript:

Please note: I am not a doctor & you should seek qualified medical advice before starting any diet, especially when associated with chemotherapy or other high risk treatments.

Once again, massive thanks to everyone for their wonderful & thoughtful messages of support & understanding through my treatment, this has meant a lot to me & my family, & really makes me want to get back to running PrimalKind asap.

Cheers, Jason.

Original Post 3rd-Jan-2018.

As many of you know, PrimalKind is my own personal recipe for the ultimate nutritionally complete superfood smoothie & PrimalKind is more than just a business to me, it is my personal passion project. However I wanted to share a little more of my personal background with all our PrimalKind friends & followers, to help explain why we’re Sorry We’re Closed Temporarily.

I really like the concept of nutritionally complete meals, however as I learnt more about nutrition I found myself aligning with the science behind Paleo & Keto nutrition, especially with the science supporting a whole range of health benefits, from reversing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes (or in my case reversing the symptoms of pre-diabetes), to the latest studies highlighting how following a healthy keto diet can help improve longevity & health span (aka living healthier for longer), through to helping with a whole range of medical benefits (& this is normally where the story ends, however not today).

One of the main medical benefits for me following a Paleo / Keto diet is the studies with cancer. This will come as a surprise to many of the people around me, but in 2015 I was actually diagnosed with cancer & had it surgically removed. I actually find it very hard to talk about my own experience with cancer, even with people close to me, so I guess I will have a lot of explaining to do, but I think I’m ready to talk about it now.

I have learnt from my experience & this has been one of the main driving factors for myself studying nutrition. I secretly like to think of PrimalKind as my own kind of Breaking Bad story, however instead of creating Heisenberg’s blue ice, after I was diagnosed with cancer I wanted to create the ultimate nutritionally complete smoothie. Initially for my own health, but it has quickly become popular with the truly health conscious & nutritionally educated customers, from Bio-hackers, to Nutritionists, to Surgeons & many others, & this has helped me grow an organic business that I’m truly proud of.

However I will now have to take a back seat with PrimalKind & re-focus my attention on my own health. I haven’t been feeling 100% for a little while now & I’ve just put this down to my busy life, working a full time job & running PrimalKind after hours (which has pretty much become a full time job itself). However after a recent check-up with my doctor, I have now been diagnosed with a type of colon cancer (a different type of cancer than I had previously). I have now started going through the process to have it removed, however it has become clear that I will need to spend a lot more time getting my health back on-track.

Unfortunately this means I will need to temporarily pause both my full time job & PrimalKind, to focus on getting better & to take the necessary time required to adjust to my new lifestyle. However I’m positive this will be one of my driving factors for getting better as soon as possible, so I can get back to my passion project of creating PrimalKind.

I would truly like to thank everyone for their support to date & understanding through this temporary time in my life. I hope to be back on top of my health & back to running PrimalKind as soon as possible, & I’ll be sure to let you all know once everything is back to normal again.

Live Primal, Be Kind, Choose PrimalKind (once it’s back in stock).



    No doubt you’ve encountered immunotherapy as a treatment but I haven’t seen it anywhere in your blog so thought I’d share it just in case.
    Here’s a link to the Cancer Australia site:
    I heard about it by watching a TED talk, which was very interesting. There are a few to choose from, just Google it and watch a few – very encouraging.
    Best of luck and I hope to hear about more successes in your diagnosis.

    • Jason

      Hey Nic, thanks for the info. I have looked into Immunotherapy, however with my type of Cancer & my KRAS & MRE results, I’m not really compatible with any of the current Immunotherapy treatments available. There are a lot of ongoing trials that I’m watching, here in Australia & at MSK in the US, so I’m hopeful they might have more suitable treatments in future. Anyways I really appreciate you sending me the info & this link. Cheers Jason.

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