PrimalKind Version 1.2

We are super excited to release our next evolution – PrimalKind Version 1.2.

Since our initial launch we have been listening to our customer’s feedback and working closely with our local farmers and suppliers to help improve our blends further for a boarder community of health conscious consumers and bio-hackers.

We have also been collecting information from the latest nutritional studies that continue to show the standard RDI’s are outdated and should definitely be modified for optimal health, therefore we will continue to deviate from the standard balanced RDI’s and provide enhanced nutrient levels to help promote optimal health.

Our first goal was to make PrimalKind easier to prepare.
We have now sourced the finest grade of Macadamia Nuts available in Australia and a new finer blend of Coconut Flour to help reduce the preparation times dramatically. This has now enabled us to prepare PrimalKind in less than 1 minute! Now you can even make it in a shaker bottle, for a rustic chunky style smoothie or blend it for 30 seconds for a smoother style drink.

Our next goal was to unify our blends into one that is suitable for both Vegans & Non Vegans.
Since we separated the Omega 3 capsules in our PrimalKind Version 1.1 update, we have been working on unifying our blends and we are now proud to announce each of our blends are now suitable for both Vegans & Non Vegans. This has also enabled us to further reduce the price of our Vegan blends too.

We have actually implemented a number of minor changes to our original PrimalKind recipe according to our customer’s feedback and to align with the latest food-based science. Considering all the changes we have listed them below with a brief explanation detailing our findings.

1. Adding a new Fine Macadamia Nut Meal to reduce preparation times.
We have now been able to source a new finer blend of Macadamia Nut Meal direct from our local Australian farmers.

This has actually been a major win for us and our customers because it has dramatically reduced the preparation times and blending methods for preparing PrimalKind. Now you can even make it in a shaker bottle, for a rustic chunky nut smoothie or blend it for 30 seconds for a much smoother superfood smoothie.

We have also reduced the recommended volume of water to make PrimalKind, so it’s a little thicker, like a milkshake consistency. However please feel free to add more or less water to suit your own preferences and or blender size.

How to make PrimalKind for Him v1.2

2. Adding a new finer Coconut Flour to reduce the grittiness.
Actually we have already started using the new finer blend of Coconut Flour in PrimalKind for the last month, this has helped reduce the grittiness from our original versions. Together with the new finer Macadamia Nut Meal, this is a major win for us all.


3. Adding Monk Fruit to naturally sweeten the taste slightly.
Big thanks to Axcho from Super Body Fuel for recommending Monk Fruit.

Monk Fruit (Siraitia grosvenori) is a Zero GI, Zero Calorie, Paleo friendly sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. Grown in Southern China and rumoured to be cultivated by Buddhist Monks, hence the name… Monk Fruit has been used as a natural sweetener and in traditional medicines for hundreds of years. Monk Fruit is approximately 300 times sweeter than raw sugar. Therefore you only need very small amount to get the same flavour, and it doesn’t have the aftertaste or insulin issues associated with other sweeteners.

We have now added a small amount of Monk Fruit to our PrimalKind blends to help make it more appealing to a broader community of health conscious consumers, and to make PrimalKind a little sweeter for our sweet tooth friends looking for a healthier alternative.

Monk Fruit

4. Adding Pink Himalayan Rock Salt to provide a wider range of natural nutrients.
A recent study published in The Lancet, analysed more than 130,000 people across 49 countries, focusing on whether the relationship between sodium (salt) intake and death, heart disease and stroke differs in people with high blood pressure compared to those with normal blood pressure. Their findings showed that regardless of whether people have high blood pressure, low-salt intake is linked to a greater incidence of heart attacks, stroke, and deaths compared to average intake.

Evidence suggest the average sodium intakes are: Australia 2.5g, America 3.4g, and Canada between 3.5g and 4g per day.

Further to this, healthy living professionals like Chris Kresser and Weston Price have also published articles highlighting the dangers of salt restricted diets.

Considering the increasing evidence on low salt diets, we have now added Pink Himalayan Rock Salt into our PrimalKind blends. Why Pink Himalayan Rock Salt? Because Pink Himalayan Rock Salt has been found to contain up to 84 different mineral elements and this would further help provide a wider range of nutrients in every serve of PrimalKind.

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

5. Adding Alpha GPC Choline to help support enhanced mental performance.
Alpha GPC (glycerophosphocholine) is a natural form of Choline (Vitamin B4), which is utilised for phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis in the brain, and for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, that enable brain cells to communicate with each other. It is also a precursor which has shown to be beneficial in treating mild Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s.

Alpha GPC is also commonly used as a Nootropic to help boost memory for better learning, better studying, faster speed of thought, and increased mental clarity, which may give you the extra boost needed at work, in social gatherings, or during athletic performance.

Alpha GPC

6. Adding Potassium Bicarbonate and increasing the total level of Potassium.
Considering Potassium Bicarbonate is metabolically similar to Potassium Gluconate, ie: Potassium Gluconate provides Potassium Ions (K+ electrolytes) and the Gluconate metabolises in the liver to create Bicarbonates (HCO3− electrolytes), therefore we have now changed the type of Potassium booster in PrimalKind Version 1.2 to Potassium Bicarbonate.

Potassium Bicarbonate is more alkalizing and will help lower the pH level of PrimalKind, Potassium Bicarbonate also helps prevent calcium loss, tends to lower blood pressure, and it’s the form most similar to that found in vegetables.

Those who are on a liquid diet, drinking a lot of water every day, and/or exercising frequently are likely to use more electrolytes, therefore we have now increased the total level of potassium in our new PrimalKind V1.2 recipe too.


7. Making PrimalKind 100% GMO Free.
We have now increased the natural amount of Molybdenum in PrimalKind Version 1.2, therefore eliminating the need to supplement the Molybdenum levels.

Molybdenum is listed as an essential mineral on the Australian RDI’s, however it does need to be kept to a minimum for anyone suffering with arthritis or gout, therefore we have taken this into account in our new recipe.

The Molybdenum Booster we previously used sparingly in our Vegan blends was never confirmed to be GMO Free, so now that it’s no longer being used, we are proud to announce all of our products are now GMO Free.


8. Increasing the total level of Protein and removing the L-Lysine Booster.
We have now increased the total level of Protein in PrimalKind Version 1.2, which has increased the natural levels of Lysine too, therefore eliminating the need to supplement the L-Lysine levels.

As shown in our nutritional information there is sufficient Protein Essential Amino Acid levels in our new PrimalKind recipe, according to the latest WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations. (

PrimalKind for Him Natural: contains sufficient Protein for people weighing up to 138kgs, and Cacao: up to 142kgs.
PrimalKind for Her Natural: contains sufficient Protein for people weighing up to 83kgs, and Cacao: up to 86kgs.

People above these weights may like to boost PrimalKind with extra L-Lysine, or people who exercise a lot, like our Primal Fitness, CrossFit, and Ketogains friends, may like to boost PrimalKind on workout days, with a grass-fed Collagen Hydrolysate Protein and/or a superior raw grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).

primal fitness

We truly want to thank everyone for their valuable feedback and we believe you will all appreciate the updates in PrimalKind Version 1.2. Please keep the feedback coming, we really look forward to hearing your thoughts.

What’s next, big news for our international followers:
Due to all the interest we have received internationally, we are now planning to start International shipping very soon!

We will be looking for people to help us test our international shipping, so if you haven’t already, please join our mailing list or follow us on social media to find out more details (ie which countries, dates, etc).

International Shipping


Like in natural evolution, we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our PrimalKind blends with optimal nutrition through a diverse range of nutritionally rich ingredients, not only for our own health, but to help maximise the benefits and enrich the lives of our customers.
Please see the following link detailing the next evolution in our PrimalKind updates.

PrimalKind Version 1.3

We hope you all appreciate the PrimalKind difference as much as we do.

Live Primal, Be Kind, Choose PrimalKind.

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