PrimalKind Version 1.1

PrimalKind Version 1.1 and our new PrimalKind 28 Serve Bulk Packs.

We’re so happy to hear people are really loving the PrimalKind difference and we really appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Considering all the feedback we have received so far, we will now be providing the Omega 3 capsules as a separate item to cater to our customers who have requested to purchase the PrimalKind pouches without the Omega 3 capsules (due to already having capsules), and to provide our other customers wanting more Omega 3 capsules the opportunity to purchase them separately to use as they wish.

Therefore starting today, we have now reduced the price of our PrimalKind pouches as we will be providing the Omega 3 capsules as a separate option for purchase if required.

We will continue to provide the same high quality Omega 3 capsules for our PrimalKind Supermeals, as we believe they are the highest quality options available in Australia.

Nutra Life OceanClean™ Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules (each capsule providing equiv. DHA 360mg & EPA 540mg).
PrimalKind Version 1.1

Primal Collective™ Vegan Omega 3 Marine Algae Oil Capsules (each capsule providing equiv. DHA 250mg & EPA 150mg).
PrimalKind Version 1.1

Please note the nutritional information for each of our PrimalKind Supermeals will continue to include the 1 Omega 3 capsule per serve. Remember it’s highly recommended to include a quality source of DHA & EPA Omega 3 in your diet, so if you chose to use another brand of Omega 3 supplement, please check the ingredients and the level of DHA & EPA Omega 3 provided.

We are now also going to be making PrimalKind available in 28 Serve Packs, as this will enable us to pack 1 of the Omega 3 containers into the bulk size boxes and help prevent separate postage.

We hope you all appreciate the PrimalKind Version 1.1 update, and please continue to send us your feedback, as it really helps towards future developments.


Like in natural evolution, we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our PrimalKind blends with optimal nutrition through a diverse range of nutritionally rich ingredients, not only for our own health, but to help maximise the benefits and enrich the lives of our customers.
Please see the following links detailing the evolutionary updates to our PrimalKind blends.

PrimalKind Version 1.2

PrimalKind Version 1.3

PrimalKind Version 1.4

We hope you all appreciate the PrimalKind difference as much as we do.

Live Primal, Be Kind, Choose PrimalKind.

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