PrimalKind Launch

Welcome to our PrimalKind launch.

A Paleo Friendly Ketogenic Drinkable Supermeal specially hand crafted for Males and Females.

Hello, my name is Jason (Co-founder) of PrimalKind and together with my close friends and family we have created a Paleo friendly Ketogenic soylent in Bondi, Australia. As this is our first blog post and the PrimalKind launch, I would like to share how PrimalKind came to be and my own personal PrimalKind experience.

I first heard about Soylent through the media and it sounded like the perfect solution for me, as it contained all the nutrition I need in one quick and convenient meal/drink. I had recently started a fitness regime and was running or going to the gym during my lunch break, which didn’t leave me much time to eat. I would often just grab a quick snack from my appalling office drawer selection, the office vending machine, or grab something from McDonald’s or KFC which is next door to my office. But as the quote says, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”.


I looked up the Soylent Company online and discovered they didn’t ship to Australia. However I found an Australian start-up offering a soylent alternative, so I decided to try that instead. Once I received my order I proceeded to mix it up as per the instructions on the package. My first impression was that it tasted a bit bland, but it was “drinkable” and it was very convenient for my post workout lunch meal. I later experimented mixing it in my blender the night before and storing it in the fridge overnight and I found it was much smoother this way.

The whole concept of soylent style meals really sparked my interest in nutrition, so I started researching more information about each of the ingredients and then started making my own soylent alternatives. This led to hours, days, weeks, and months of research, which has changed my whole outlook on healthy foods and nutrition. This also led me to start choosing more Paleo friendly ingredients and recipes, and I started making Paleo smoothies for breakfast.

I still liked the concept and convenience of soylent style meals and wondered if I could make a low carb Paleo friendly soylent alternative. I started making my first Paleo soylent recipe with superfoods like Almonds and Chia Seeds. However, when I researched each of the ingredients in depth, I found whilst Almonds are great in small quantities (ie as a snack between meals) they also contain high levels of Phytic Acid and this would not be ideal in a soylent style meal. Chia Seeds are also advertised as another nutritious superfood, however I found they are also high in anti-nutrients and again would not be beneficial in a soylent style meal.

This started a long journey of discovering and researching all kinds of bizarre ingredients from all around the world, whilst researching numerous peer review case studies to ultimately create our first PrimalKind Paleo Friendly Ketogenic Supermeal.

Here is the complete list of ingredients and nutritional information in PrimalKind Natural.


PrimalKind For Him Natural Nutritional Panel Launch

While PrimalKind has a complete Vegan protein, the Lysine amino acid levels were only high enough for males up to 70kg / 154lbs, according to the information provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Considering this we have decided to boost the Lysine levels in our PrimalKind recipes with a GMO Free Vegan L-Lysine to increase the Lysine levels for both Males and Females.

My PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge

While we believe our PrimalKind recipe looks great in theory, we are aware that our bodies have amazing digestive systems, so I decided to personally test the health benefits that PrimalKind could provide by completing a PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge. This consisted of living on a 100% PrimalKind Natural diet for 30 consecutive days, without any extra flavouring or boosting.

I would live as normal, working at my office desk job 40 hours per week and exercising as normal. Being a casual runner, this meant continuing to run 10km per week during my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge. I would get a full body DEXA scan at The MetaMorphosis and a series of blood tests from Laverty Pathology before and after my challenge, whilst recording my typical diet 7 days before and during the challenge.


Before I go any further I would like to clarify, that I do not recommend anyone else live solely on PrimalKind or any other single food item for that matter. There is still too much unknown about nutrition and everybody’s digestive systems can function differently when it comes to nutrition. Therefore the only safe advice I can truly provide is that we should all eat a well-balanced varied diet to ensure we are getting a wider range of nutrients. Science has only recently discovered Vitamin K2 and who’s to say there isn’t more essential vitamins or minerals yet to be discovered.

Before I started my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge I had some initial expectations.

I am 188cm / 6.2” tall, weigh 112.6kg / 248lbs, and do light exercise 3 to 4 days per week. Using basic calculations I should be consuming around 3000 calories per day.

PrimalKind For Him Natural is based on a 2000 calorie diet and therefore I will be around 1000 calories deficient per day living on a PrimalKind only diet (without any extra flavouring or boosting).

But hey let’s face facts, I am a big guy and I need to lose some weight, so being 1000 calories deficient per day should help me lose weight and together with starting a Ketogenic transformation I am expecting to have low energy levels for at least a week or two during my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge.

I had never started a Ketogenic Diet before and although I was a little concerned about the “Carb Flu” mentioned in many Ketogenic articles, I was more excited to get through the program and become Ketone adapted, to have more energy, to be leaner, and to improve my blood insulin levels.

Ketone adapted is when the body has changed to a fat burning metabolic state where most of the body’s energy is sourced from ketone bodies in the blood, opposed to a state of glycolysis where simple or complex carbohydrate sugars provide most of the energy. Many elite athletes and even regular people have discovered the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and we are now hearing more about the issues caused from low fat high sugar diets. So I was keen to see if a Ketogenic Diet would help provide similar benefits for me too.


Week 1.

My plan was to have 4 serves of PrimalKind a day, 1 serve every 4 hours starting around 8am each day. On Monday 11th Jan 2016 I go in for my first full body DEXA scan and get my Blood taken in the morning and have my first official PrimalKind serve at 9am. I had made several alterations to the recipe leading up to today and I was curious to see if they might make any changes… it still had the same delicious taste, but become a little frothier. The best way I can describe the taste of PrimalKind Natural is that it’s very neutral and has a natural taste, with a hint of macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds. I love it.

Days 2 and 3 were going fine. I was expecting to feel hungry after a couple days, but it never really happened. There were a couple mornings when I woke up feeling a little hungry, but I would sometimes feel like this on my usual diet. I went for my first run on Day 3, a 3km run around the local streets. It was a little tougher than normal, but my overall time was still good.

The first weekend was interesting, I went out a couple of nights for dinner with family and friends. I took my shake to dinner one night and it sparked a lot of interesting conversations, which was fantastic because I had a lot of time to discuss all the pros and cons of Paleo friendly Ketogenic soylent style meals.

I also went for a 5km run at my local parkrun in St Peters. parkrun is a fantastic community that organise a free 5km timed fun run every Saturday morning all around Australia and it’s now opening up all around the world, but its more than this, it’s a wonderful community of supportive runners and walkers and a dedicated group of volunteers (rain or shine). I recommend everyone find their local parkrun and participate, whether you run or walk it’s a great way to start your weekend. My 5km run was a little tougher than normal, but my overall time was still good and I finished in at 30:21 mins. On Sunday I went for a 2km run in one of my local parks and although it was a hilly run, I found it tough to complete.


By the end of week 1, I felt very mentally alert and had enough energy to complete my normal tasks, although my runs were becoming tougher as the week progressed. I believe the main factors contributing to the reduction in my energy levels were due to moving into a Ketogenic state and being on a calorie deficient diet.

And the biggest surprise of all was that I had lost a massive 4kg / 8.8lbs in just 1 week. I went from 112.6kg / 248lbs to 108.6kg / 239lbs on my home scales. I was completely amazed and so happy I had lost so much weight in just 1 week. I even had to put a new hole in my belt to keep my pants from falling off. While PrimalKind is ultimately based on being a nutritional diet (not a weight loss diet) I have been able to use PrimalKind as a calorie controlled diet to help me lose weight. Depending on individual goals PrimalKind can be used to maintain weight, or to bulk up, or even to lose weight, as this was one of my goals. My ultimate goal is to show improvements in my blood test results at the end of my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge.

This was also my first whole week in years of not drinking Coke. I know soft drinks are not healthy and I have tried unsuccessfully to give up Coke for the last couple years, ever since my little one said “that’s daddy’s water” that made me feel awful. I have tried going cold turkey and ended up with headaches after a few days. Previously my most successful attempt was using a 5:2 style quitting method, where I would only drink Coke 2 days a week. Now I’ve cleared the house of Coke and gone completely cold turkey and surprisingly I have not had any headaches or had any cravings. I definitely think the 5:2 style quitting method helped as I haven’t been able to successfully go cold turkey before. Now I just have to make sure I stay off it after my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge!

Week 2.

Week 2 was a tough one. I had enough energy to perform my typical tasks around the home and office, however it became really tough when I went running. My runs in week 2 were some of my hardest workouts that I’ve had in a long time. Luckily I do like the feeling I get after a really hard work out session, so it wasn’t all bad.

I felt very mentally alert during week 2 and I certainly didn’t notice any brain fog or similar symptoms mentioned on some Ketogenic articles. I actually noticed that if I had my last PrimalKind meal of the day late, after 9pm or if I went to sleep early, I sometimes found it difficult going to sleep. My mind was continually thinking about all the different tasks I still needed to complete, mostly PrimalKind stuff, so maybe it was a just coincidental. However with some basic relaxation techniques, “relax your toes, then legs”, and so on I quickly went to sleep.

Throughout Week 2 I also noticed I was waking up with a really dry mouth. I was making each serve of PrimalKind with 600ml / 20.3oz of plain water and drinking an additional 600ml / 20.3oz of plain water throughout each day. Drinking a total of around 3 litres / 101.4oz of water per day. Several Ketogenic articles mentioned our bodies burn more water on a ketogenic diet and after meeting with Maria, my nutritionist from True Foods Nutrition, she also suggested I should be drinking more plain water throughout the day. I then started drinking an additional 1 litre / 33.8oz of plain water per day and felt a lot better.

By the end of week 2, I lost another 2.7kg / 5.9lbs on my home scales, now weighing 105.9kg / 233lbs. I recalled not feeling hungry and having to remind myself that I needed to ensure I was having 4 serves of PrimalKind a day, to achieve my daily nutritional targets.

Week 3.

I made the decision to change my 10km per week running routine into 4 smaller runs per week, until I felt I had enough energy for running longer distances again. Although as it turned out, my energy and running definitely started improving throughout this week. I didn’t feel hungry this week either but I did start craving grilled tomatoes for some reason. I love grilled tomatoes although I rarely eat them. So I decided grilled tomatoes were going to be my first treat upon completing my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge. I think I saw some grilled tomatoes on a poster for Australia Day?

This week also included Australia Day, sorry Sam Kekovich, no lamb for me this Australia Day, I’m on a PrimalKind diet!Australia Day

By the end of week 3, I managed to lose another 1.8kg / 3.9lbs according to my home scales, now weighing 104.1kg / 229lbs. I noted more energy throughout week 3 as each day passed and I also had to put another hole in my belt to keep my pants up.

Week 4.

What a difference another week made! My running pace increased and on Thursday I recorded my fastest kilometer at 4:27m/km. As lately I normally pace around 6:00m/km, so I decided to go back to 3 runs this week. My recovery times after running are also improved dramatically since week 2. I felt I could go for another run when getting home from work instead of feeling tired by 6pm on my lunch break running days.

On Saturday morning I returned to my local park run at St Peters for a 5km run, which I completed in 30.06 mins.

This week, I also decided to increase the level of Vitamin D3 in PrimalKind after reviewing the latest US Dietary Guidelines and some more Peer Review Studies. The PrimalKind recipes now contain a total of 800iu GMO Free Vegan Vitamin D3 (made from Lichen).

By the end of week 4, I lost another 1.3kg / 2.8lbs, now weighing 102.8kg / 226lbs. I noticed a definite increase in my energy this week when running.

Week 5.

I was only planning to have 2 days on PrimalKind this week to finish my PrimalKind Whole30 Challenge. However I couldn’t organise my full body DEXA scan on Wednesday, so I decided to go another full day on PrimalKind and finished on Thursday 11-Feb-2016. Making it a total of 31 days on a 100% PrimalKind diet, a Paleo Friendly Ketogenic Nutritional Diet.

This week also included Chinese New Year, sorry Monkey, no Yum Cha for me this Chinese New Year, I’m on a PrimalKind diet!


I went for a 5km run this week around Centennial Park to round off this week’s running ratio and clocked in at 27:18 mins.

On Thursday morning I got my final full body DEXA scan at The MetaMorphosis and a series of blood tests from Laverty Pathology again. Then it took another week before I could get my blood test results back from my Doctor.

Here are the before and after results from my full body DEXA scan and my Blood Tests.

Update: Studies of Dexa Scan results can show fat inside organs as lean muscle, therefore lean muscle loss of organ fats should only be considered as an estimate.

My Results

In conclusion I can hardly contain my excitement with these results and am absolutely amazed I have been able to lose over 10kg / 22lbs in just one month! I will definitely continue to use PrimalKind to help with my weight loss goals and I truly hope PrimalKind can help you achieve your health goals too.

The DEXA scan staff at MetaMorphosis were very impressed with my results, saying they’ve never seen such amazing results in only 31 days. Even my sceptical doctor was happy with my results, although with the same recommendations as me, that PrimalKind should not be used as the only source of nutrition.

I will now start experimenting with flavouring PrimalKind with a wider range of fresh seasonal organic fruits and vegetables and this will also help provide a wider variety of nutrition to my diet. I encourage everyone to experiment blending your smoothie favourite flavours with PrimalKind to create your own special blends, and we’d love you to share your favourite blends with us too.

Now we have completed our research, which has proven PrimalKind can actually provide positive health benefits, we are ready to officially launch PrimalKind, starting today with a soft-launch.

We have included an impressive range of PrimalKind products specially hand crafted for males and females in our trial launch today, with a plan to later release a complementary range of PrimalKind Boosters.

Please click on the following links for more detailed information on each of our PrimalKind products:

PrimalKind For Him

PrimalKind For Her


Like in natural evolution, we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our PrimalKind blends with optimal nutrition through a diverse range of nutritionally rich ingredients, not only for our own health, but to help maximise the benefits and enrich the lives of our customers.
Please see the following links detailing the evolutionary updates to our PrimalKind blends.

PrimalKind Version 1.1

PrimalKind Version 1.2

PrimalKind Version 1.3

PrimalKind Version 1.4

We hope you all appreciate the PrimalKind difference as much as we do.

Live Primal, Be Kind, Choose PrimalKind.

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