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I’m always on the hunt for healthy keto hacks & at the Low Carb Down Under conference in Thredbo, Yuan & Vivek from The Keto Clinic happened to mention these new “Essentially Keto” fat bars that are being made right here in Australia.

Essentially Keto actually have 5 different chef inspired flavours: COFFEE & SPICE, RASPBERRY & MACADAMIA, ORANGE & PECAN, CACAO & MINT, LEMON & COCONUT. Each flavour sounds so amazing, I ended out ordering one of their sample packs to try them all. Each bar is made with a delicious Cacao, Coconut, & Tahini blend, that’s high in good fats, low in PUFU, & really low in sugar, & then they add the different flavours to create each bar.

I absolutely love all of the Essentially Keto bars, each of the different flavours taste fantastic, so I wanted to share my thoughts on each below:

But first COFFEE & SPICE; I was really keen to try this, I had one as a morning coffee substitute & found it has such a great taste, like a really nice lightly spiced Turkish roasted coffee mixed with Essential Keto Cacao blend. And it was better than my morning coffee, because it had hardly any caffeine & kept me satisfied well through to lunch. If you love chocolate & coffee, then this just might be your new bestie!

RASPBERRY & MACADAMIA; Everyone knows I love macadamia’s, & maybe Hawaii created the first chocolate coated macadamia’s, but the team at Essential Keto have definitely taken this to the next level by adding Raspberry. The bars have little chunks of Macadamia & Raspberry throughout the Cacao blend & it goes perfectly. If I had to pick one flavour, I think this would slightly take the lead.

ORANGE & PECAN; I’m a sucker for the Lindt Dark Chocolate & Orange bars even though I know they’re high in sugar, but now I can have my choc-orange & stay in keto with the Essential Keto bars. The bars have delicious little chunks of Orange & Pecans throughout, I wasn’t sure when reading Pecans, but they really work & adds another level of complexity to the bars. This will definitely be my go to bar when looking for that choc-orange fix.

CACAO & MINT; who doesn’t like the classic mint chocolate after dinner treat, but now you can avoid the sugar & have your treat with Essential Keto. The bars have beautiful blend of cacao & mint like that classic taste, all perfectly mixed together in one smooth & creamy bar. This keto re-innovated classic will definitely be a favourite for many.

LEMON & COCONUT; Looking for an amazing tropical holiday treat, then you can’t go past the Essential Keto Lemon & Coconut. This bar has a refreshing taste of real lemon with little bits of shredded coconut throughout to give it a tropical Pina-colada style zing. I was surprised how much I like the taste of this bar, together with the really low sugar, all the Essential Keto bars are definitely my new favourite keto friendly healthy treats!!!

Essentially Keto suggest their bars are best kept in the fridge, however I’ve also tried the bars when warm & they’re just like having one of those fat fudge energy gel packs, so they’re great for when I’m up at the snow or out for a run too.

I was wrapped to find another local Keto product, really happy with their customer service, & absolutely love the taste of the Essentially Keto bars. So I contacted the company to ask if there was any way I could help share the Essentially Keto bars with my Keto fam.

Together with Essentially Keto we are now running a special giveaway for 2 lucky winners to win one Ultimate Essential Keto Pack each: 1x PrimalKind sample pack (containing 2 single serve pouches, one of each flavour) and 1x Essentially Keto sample pack (containing 5 bars, one of each flavour). Please note: this giveaway is only valid for shipping within Australia, as Essentially Keto only ship within Australia (for now).

Please complete the following for your chance to win the Ultimate Essential Keto Pack.

Win the Ultimate Essential Keto Pack

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