PrimalKind + AlphaDynamics Giveaway

We’ve been keenly watching Alpha Dynamics for their official launch at the 5th Annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in Pasadena California this week 13th to 15th October 2017. FYI they have unofficially started releasing orders in Australia.

Alpha Dynamics is a new Australian based company providing functionally designed pure medicinal mushroom elixirs synthesized with the strongest tonic herbs on Earth. Designed for athletes, biohackers, students, professionals and anyone looking to bring their A-game.

We absolutely love medicinal mushroom and that’s why we decided to add Organic Cordyceps & Organic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms into all of our PrimalKind Superfood Smoothies. And this is why I was excited to find Alpha Dynamics too.

Alpha Dynamics currently have 2 different SuperShroom pure medicinal mushroom elixirs: ACTIVATE and REGENERATE. Both with very high potent extracts. You can stack them together with PrimalKind or use them separately to help bring you’re A-game.

ACTIVATE: by Alpha Dynamics is a functionally designed pure medicinal mushroom concentrate synthesized with Chaga, Cordyceps, & Lions Mane, 3 of the strongest tonic herbs on Earth. Each serving contains 3000 mg of a 15:1 concentrated medicinal mushroom extract. That’s equivalent to 45 grams of fresh medicinal mushrooms in each sachet!

Lately I’ve been fasting in the mornings (with a coffee) & do a fasted workout around lunchtime, before having PrimalKind for lunch as my post workout smoothie. Now I’ve started having 1 serve of Alpha Dynamics ACTIVATE as my pre-workout elixir (just with water) & I really feel like its helping. Plus it’s great on day’s like today, when I need to focus on work & get a ton of stuff done. I initially thought it might have a very strong taste, but it’s actually quiet a subtle mushroom tea flavour. I think people who are not used to drinking mushroom teas wouldn’t mind the taste of Activate. However you can always have it with Coffee or in your PrimalKind Smoothies too. I didn’t notice any change in flavour when mixing it with PrimalKind.

REGENERATE: by Alpha Dynamics is functionally designed pure medicinal mushroom concentrate using the most potent organic log grown Red Reishi available. Lab tested to guarantee potency and purity with an epic >50% Polysaccharides (>25% Beta-glucans) content. An adaptogenic elixir designed to facilitate the reduction of daily stress, enhance sleep and boost recovery. Each serving contains 2000 mg of a pure 20:1 concentrated Reishi extract. That’s equivalent to 40 grams of fresh Duanwood log grown Reishi in each sachet!

I love Reishi, it’s a great natural alternative that I can use daily to help me unwind at the end of manic day & it helps me get great night sleep too. Reishi is notorious for having a bitter taste, it’s actually a sign of high quality, however if your still warming to mushroom elixirs, then you may like to stack it together with some chamomile or lavender tea for a nightcap, or a smoothie to help with the flavour. The benefits of Reishi definitely make it worth adding to your daily routine.

I’m super excited to finally try the Alpha Dynamics pure medicinal mushroom elixirs, definitely worth the wait & really hope they have an awesome time at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. However if you can’t make it to the conference, we’ve been fortunate to enough to get 1x Alpha Dynamics twin pack to share with our BioHacking community.

PrimalKind together with Alpha Dynamics are now running a special giveaway for one lucky winner to win our SuperShroom BioHacking Stack:
1x PrimalKind sample pack (containing 2 single serve pouches, one of each flavour) and
1x Alpha Dynamics twin pack (containing 1x ACTIVATE 20 serve pack & 1x REGENERATE 20 serve pack).

Please note: this giveaway is only valid for shipping within Australia & the United States (US).

Please complete the following for your chance to win our SuperShroom BioHacking Stack.

PrimalKind + Alpha Dynamics SuperShroom BioHacking Stack

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