PrimalKind Ingredients Icons

We have carefully selected a unique blend of healthy Paleo friendly whole foods with high quality vitamins and minerals to provide a wholesome and nutritionally rich Paleo Friendly Ketogenic Vegan Superfood Smoothie.


Simply blend one serve of PrimalKind with water to create a delicious and nutritionally complete supermeal, packed full of 27 essential vitamins and minerals, a healthy dose of natural fibre & prebiotics, natural omega 3 & 6, good fats with a low PUFA ratio, and a complete Vegan protein containing 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids, Plus boosted with natural Adaptogens & Nootropics to help support athletic & mental performance.


Whether you’re looking for an affordable and convenient Paleo friendly meal or looking for a high quality Australian soylent alternative, PrimalKind has an affordable and nutritionally rich plant-based superfood smoothie meal for Males and Females.


PrimalKind Paleo Friendly

  • Paleo Friendly Whole Foods
  • Wheat Free & Gluten Free
  • GMO Free Products
  • No Added Sugars
  • Low Phytic Ratio
  • Low PUFA Ratio

PrimalKind Ketogenic Friendly

  • Ketogenic Macronutrient Ratio
  • Includes Natural Adaptogens
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Low Glycaemic Index
  • Low Carbohydrates
  • Low Sugar

PrimalKind Vegan Friendly

  • Vegan Friendly Product Options
  • Vegan DHA & EPA Omega3
  • Organic Vegan Methl-B12
  • Complete Vegan Protein
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • No Artificial Colouring